Plaque with the word Lolita in gold
More Subtypes of Lolita
Description Type
Country Lolita is inspired by the vast and often, Victorian Farms. It is a mix of Sweet and Classic Lolita, with its defining feature the use of straw accessories. Country Lolita
Kuro Lolita is the Lolita style of an all black outfit and no other colours. However, this does not make it Gothic Lolita, in fact, Most Kuro Lolita styles fall under Sweet Lolita. Kuro Lolita
Otome Lolita is a Japanese fashion style that focuses on looking girly and maidenly. Otome Lolita
Pirate Lolita focuses on Pirate themed coordinates and is often a mix of Lolita substyles. It has many nautical themed accessories and is worn for special ocaasions due to it looking like a costume. Pirate Lolita
Punk Lolita is a substyle that take inspiration from British punk and uses similar motifs. Common motifs include playing card suits, skulls, and grungy or slighlty creepy cute characters. Punk Lolita
Qi Lolita is inspired by Chinese traditional wear(Qipao/Cheongsam), culture and other things related to the styles and influences. It is not generally worn and is considered a special occasion or cosplay Lolita by most. Qi Lolita
Hime Lolita is a substyle featuring royal and elegant themes. The style takes inspiration from the Hime Gyraru fashion while keeping the Lolita silhouette. Common themes are miniature crowns, pearls, lace gloves, and high heels. Hime Lolita is a very over-the-top style, dresses with many frills, ribbons and are usually pink or white. Hime Lolita